Mono In Concert


Where De Melkweg Amsterdam
When 25-apr-1998


Review by Luc


The first days of summer

Last Saturday evening after a short but impressive gig from the usually two-headed band Mono, the few lucky visitors who had been able to be present in the ancient hall of the Milky Way could laugh out loud at the pathetic crowd which had chosen to go to a concert at the other hall, called "The Max", also at the Milky Way, and was bored and sleepy-eyed after at least two hours of listening to a band called Bjorn Again. This concert of this Australian coverband had been interrupted by a loud singing from the hall where Mono was playing the best pop song ever called "Life in Mono" which was vocally supported by a small but fanatic audience. The sound of Mono playing live was unmistakable comprehensive with that of a Beach Boys song played on a Wurlitzer which is thrown out of a penthouse of the Trump Tower in NYC, NY. Sometimes it even sounded like Burt Baccharach drowning in a bath of shrimp juice. And still therewere some people in the audience who didn't wear any checkers (ruitjes).


The Reaction of Marie


Last days of winter

Saturday evening when approaching the Melk Weg the crowd was everywhere (with all the right attributes for a walk down remembrance lane with the best known Swedish band ever) - but nowhere to be seen at the entrance to the Mono concert. The dance floor was scattered with a few lonely soles who wanted to hear the band who just came back from the States with a jetlag.
The girl with the beautiful voice did get some support during the evening from another girl - with another kind of voice. We where supposedly not such a good audience since they only made one of the two extra number written up on the paper that now is in the proud ownership of one of the more enthusiastic fans. What was left to do after this but to cling to the fence to the other concert hall where the tones of 'Ciquitita' was fading out amongst the crowd. If I just looked desperate enough they might fall for it !?!
At least after a while the dance floor was open to all of us, and there we could dance to all the songs we thought (and hoped) we had forgotten.
Imagine my surprise when sitting in the dark after the Sunday movie "Great expectations" and thinking I was safe - and what do I hear but the tones of the lead motive 'Life in Mono' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

Well, don't get me wrong here guys - I did have a good time on Saturday........

Marie (dancing queen)



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Note from the WebMaster:
Highlife wasn't performed for the second time.
Why not?
Beats me!

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